Preventive Dentistry

We are invested in helping you achieve and maintain optimum oral health. From self-confidence to your heart, a healthy smile can impact many aspects of your life. For instance, researchers continually link good oral health to a lower risk of heart attack, stroke and other life-threatening conditions.

The most important part of maintaining your oral health is conscientious personal oral hygiene and regular maintenance visits to our office. We are happy to partner with you in keeping your mouth healthy. 

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing removes food particles and helps prevent the buildup of bacteria on and around your teeth. This bacteria will otherwise accumulate, and harden into a thick plaque, eventually causing tooth decay and bone loss below the gum.

Some tips for maintaining your oral health are:

  • Brush twice daily with fluoridated toothpaste, ideally after each meal.
  • Floss at least once a day.
  • Limit snacking in between meals and minimize the amount of processed sugars you consume.

Regular Office Visits & Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings by your dental hygienist are an important part of your preventive dental care.These cleanings remove the build up of plaque and tartar (calculus deposits). Cavity producing bacteria thrive in these areas of plaque and tartar, so it is important that they be removed.

As part of your dental cleaning visit, Dr. Ghetiya will exam in your teeth. This allows for early diagnosis and monitoring of potential problem areas. He will also assess the health of the gums and other tissues in your mouth.

Each person has individual needs or concerns. Your dental cleanings are also an opportunity for you to discuss these with Dr. Ghetiya.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is just as deadly as other forms of cancer, but if discovered early enough, nearly 90% of all cases are curable. That is why at every dental visit we will exam your mouth for signs of cancer.

Because cancer can take the form of many non-alarming tissue changes in the oral region, it is important that you see us if you have any sore or discolored area of your mouth that does not heal within 14 days.

Laser Cavity Detection - Diagnodent

One of the keys to maintaining good oral health is identifying and treating cavities as early as possible. Since even the smallest amount of decay can threaten the integrity of the tooth, finding and filling cavities is essential to preventing future problems.

DIAGNOdent technology locates decay at its earliest stages. DIAGNOdent uses laser technology to detect decay by measuring laser fluorescence within the tooth structure. When the laser encounters altered tooth substances, including bacteria, the DIAGNOdent emits a fluorescent light and a reading is displayed indicating the presence and severity of the decay.

DIAGNOdent uses light energy so there is no X-ray exposure. It is painless, non-invasive, and prevents the need for “exploratory” excavation of suspected areas of decay. Not only does this technology allow us to prevent the spread of decay, but catching decay early means simpler and smaller fillings which preserves more of the natural tooth.